Colgate Vedshakti Mouth Protect Spray - 10gm
By Colgate
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A Clean Mouth means a Healthy You. Your mouth is the gateway for germs to enter the body, which multiply constantly inside your mouth as you eat & drink through the day. Colgate Vedshakti Mouth Protect Spray kills germs on contact in the mouth itself. Colgate Vedshakti Mouth Protect Spray is India’s first ayurvedic spray with Natural Active Power, and instantly kills over 700 kinds of oral bacteria. This mouth freshener is infused with ayurvedic ingredients like Clove, Fennel, Mint, and Star Anise for flavour. Colgate Vedshakti Mouth Protect Spray instantly freshens your breath, and is extremely easy to carry around in your pocket. Stay healthy, and keep germs away from your mouth with Colgate Vedshakti Mouth Protect Spray. Colgate is India's Most Trusted oral care brand and is certified by the Indian Dental Association. This product is 100% vegetarian, and ideal for both men & women
  • Colgate Vedshakti Mouth Protect Spray comes infused with a pleasant Fresh flavour, and a unique formula created with 4 Ayurvedic ingredients - Clove, Fennel seeds, Mint, & Star Anise 
  • Colgate Vedshakti Mouth Protect Spray can fit into your pocket and is easy to use. Simply spray it directly into your open mouth
  • Provides long lasting freshness with a pleasant Sauf flavour, can be used as breath spray *Spray directly in the mouth upto 4 times a day - Before you step out, after meals 
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